Mercedes-Benz SK 1824 V6 Manual Closed box

It is available for 11900 Euro.

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This piece of special equipment was produced in 1994.

Gross weight: 18000 kg.

The details on engine output, gearbox and emission class are as follows: Euro 1, diesel, displacement: 9572 cc, engine cylinders: 6, 245 hp, gearbox: manual, transmission: Schaltgetriebe.

Wheel formula and suspension type: 4x2, 2-axle, wheel base: 6620 mm.

Cab comforts include cab type: sleeper cab.

Payload: 6120 kg.

Exterior measurements: length – 10300, width – 2500, height – .

The mileage is 849100 km.

The parking site is in Netherlands.

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